Kanda Golf - Management Support for the Golf Industry

We fix things that aren't working as they should do:

  • Not generating enough revenue?

  • Costs too high?

  • Governance not working?

  • You don't have a plan for the future?

  • Need to rebuild the business after Covid-19?


Business Development Consultant for ClubNet

We are delighted to have been appointed as a Business Development Consultant for ClubNet, an Irish-owned club management software company owned by leading technology provider, Golfgraffix.  For more information, please visit:  www.clubnetapp.com 

We help our customers implement change:

  • Change the way the business is organised

  • Change the way decisions are made

  • Improve our sales performance

  • Look after our customers better

  • Turn around from losses to profits



ClubNet by Golf Graffix

Kanda Golf Current Clients Include: