Services for Golf Clubs, Courses and Resorts


Services for private members golf clubs and commercially-owned golf facilities:

  • Interim Management Services - cover for illness, maternity and other breaks  (see below)
  • Governance Reviews - making sure your decision-making structure is effective
  • Strategic Planning support - helping your Club develop a plan for your future
  • Moving to Incorporation - assisting with the process of incorporation, reducing the legal costs involved
  • Revenue Audits - is your facility missing out on potential revenue?
  • Membership Marketing Reviews - how to generate new membership enquiries
  • Organisational Structure Reviews - an independant assessment of your current structure


Interim Management Services

  • Kanda Golf has a register of experienced, talented golf club managers in many areas of the UK
  • Short-term contracts for illness or maternity cover
  • Cover gaps in the recruitment process, from manager departing to new manager starting
  • Full-time or part-time

Kanda Golf Current Clients Include:

England Golf